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Zanon Vitamec brought about a revolution in the world of nutritional supplements when it launched its innovative line of products encompassing both taste and convenience. These products are vegan (except DHA Omega-3 & Calcium 500mg plus Vitamin D gummies), pectin-based, with 100% natural colors & flavors; free of gelatin and are available in organic, sugar free and chewable formulas too and comes in a variety of flavors and color. Zanon Vitamec has launched 11 products into the market as its first foray-

  1. Calcium 250mg plus Vitamin D gummies
  2. Calcium 500mg plus Vitamin D gummies
  3. Calcium 50mg plus Vitamin D gummies
  4. DHA Omega-3 gummies
  5. Echinacea plus Vitamin C & Zinc gummies
  6. Fiber gummies
  7. Multi-Vitamin & Mineral gummies
  8. Multivitamin & Mineral, Vegetables, Fruits & Fiber gummies
  9. Sugar Free Multivitamin gummies
  10. Vitamin C gummies
  11. Vitamin D gummies