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About us

Vitamec USA Inc was founded in 2000 by Viken Momdjian when he was on a holiday in Indonesia and was unable to find his favorite sweet gummies. Driven half-crazy with his craving, he discovered that Gelatin based products was banned in most of the countries. The entrepreneur returned to the United States with a mission: creating vegan gummies that would sell worldwide. After all it was an idea worth exporting. Through persistence, belief in the idea and investment, his inspiration transformed into Vitamec’s most recent line of products Gummy Vitamins.

Zanon took into its realm Vitamec USA Inc. – a pioneer healthcare institution serving North America for more than 12 years. This liaison gave birth to Zanon Vitamec USA Inc- the leading supplier of gummy formulations throughout the world having established business relations with the following countries:

USA Taiwan, China Russia
PuertoRico Malaysia Cyprus
UAE Turkey Hong Kong
China Iraq India
Canada Bahrain Egypt
Kuwait Syria Qatar
Singapore Lebanon Jordan
Korea Indonesia Guatemala
Oman UK

Having made themselves palpable across 26 countries Zanon Vitamec envisages itself to become the supreme provider of health care supplements.